50 for 50

I turn 50 in just a few days.  50..Holy Shit..50.  It's a pivotal year.  It's going to be huge.  People keep asking me how I feel about going into a new decade.  You know what, I feel great.  It kicks ass!!  I am feeling so much better about going into my fifth decade than when I turned 40.  Life is opening up in so many great ways.  I have garnered such new information and knowledge that this decade is going to be one of the best yet.  With the milestone looming, I have decided that I am going to do fifty new things in my 50th year.  What does this mean exactly?  I am not quite sure.  I have many ideas swirling around in my mind.  Stay tuned for the next 365 days as things are going to get interesting.  There will be lots of changes, lots of fun and hopefully, lots of forward motion. One of the first things that popped into my mind when I came up with the idea of 50 for 50, was race car school.  I also came up with getting scuba certified among other things.  However, I didn't want this 50 list to be all about me and my pleasure!  I also want to combine it with service missions, doing things for others.  I want to walk away from this year feeling good about what I have done to pay it forward!

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In the spirit of trying fifty new things, I would love feedback from you, the readers!  Are there any things you have accomplished that have been life-changing?  I would love to hear your stories and perhaps incorporate them into my journey!

I leave you with a great quote that I heard today from Amy Purdy (www.amypurdy.com) - author of the new book On My Own Two Feet:  

"If my life was a book and I was the author, how would I want my story to go?"

Best Regards,

P.A. Walker

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