A New Outlook on an "Old" Body

I broke a bone in my foot this month.  How is this a first?  Well, in my 50 years I can honestly say that I have never broken a bone before in my body.  A great thing.  This one was just a small one in my foot, but none the less it's been a great learning experience for me in several ways.  Let me explain. I got up about 3:00 AM one day to answer the call of nature.  As I walked into the bathroom I walked directly into a wall.  I actually heard my bone crack.  If you know anything about my town, Park City, you will see that when I went to urgent care to get looked at, I hesitated to tell the front desk clerk how it happened.  This is a town loaded with athletes of every kind. We have Olympians for skiing, snowboarding and every type of winter sport you can imagine.  We have tri-athletes, bike racers both road and mountain. Therefore, you can see my dilemma.  How can I go in there and say this was a simple household accident?  Really kind of boring if you ask me.

After the doctor confirmed that it was indeed broken, I went home with a walking cast and didn't realize that I was about to make a breakthrough in my thinking.  What I mean by that is, this little old bone gave me a new outlook on life.  I realized what a nuisance it was to walk around in this clunky cast, but I also realized how good I really have it.  If I was complaining about a very small thing such as a walking cast, what would I be like if I were to have a wheelchair or a broken back or neck? This little injury gave me an appreciation for my body and that fact that it still worked just fine albeit for the little inconvenience.

I had started a new fitness program probably six weeks before my injury.  I started it each day with the usual, ugh.  However, after this happened, I actually was surprised to see that I now wake up each morning, put on my biking clothes and go for a road ride.  It's as if I want to enjoy each and everything that I can do as an able-bodied person.

Fast forward a few weeks, and my foot is on the mend.  Yesterday I decided it was time to jump back into the yoga arena.  I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to be back in the saddle after several long weeks of not being able to do this.  I am not 100% yet but I am getting there.

I am happy, yes happy, that I had this injury.  As stated before, I was able to gain a new appreciation and a new focus in life.  Use it or you could perhaps lose it.

"Injury in general teaches you to appreciate every moment. I've had my share of injuries throughout my career. It's humbling. It gives you perspective. No matter how many times I've been hurt, I've learned from that injury and come back even more humble." - Troy Polamalu

Until My Next Adventure,

P.A. Walker

Ali Wright

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