Dining Al Fresco

Santa Barbara always provides me with a few days away from my reality.  It truly is one of my happy spots.  The ocean, scenery, people and food make for a truly amazing few days.  As my adventure continued, I ventured out to try some new restaurants.  One of the favorites of the trip was a restaurant called Dargan's Irish Pub on State Street.  When I sit outside to eat, it already adds points to a restaurant.  This pub delivered in terms of both food and wait staff.  I was served by a young lad who was over in the States for the summer to work from Ireland.  He said he was excited to be going home because California was just too much for him.  He provided me with great service and some stories on top of that.  Add to that my amazing guacamole and chips and my quesadilla entree and the night was a success.  (www.darganssb.com) While on my quest for full relaxation, I came upon the Float Luxury Spa (www.floatluxuryspa.com).  Set in a small house on one of the side streets of downtown, this spa couldn't have been more relaxing.  I opted for the Salt Scrub followed up by a hot stone massage.  This is a life I could get used to.   The staff was great, the facilities very clean, and the services divine.  I will definitely be going back for more.

After all of this luxury, I headed down the The Natural Cafe on State Street for a healthy meal.  Since I was feeling very organic after my treatments, I wanted to keep that clean feeling going strong.  This tasty little restaurant provided just that very thing.  It is an order-at-the-counter establishment but they bring it right to your table.  They provide healthy food, drinks and again, my favorite, an outdoor dining area.  I really love to dine Al Fresco.  Santa Barbara is the place just for that.

Too soon it was time for me to jet back to Utah.  I absolutely love where I live.  I always remind myself that people pay thousands of dollars to come to Park City for vacation.  However, when I have a chance to be by the ocean, my soul is just re-nourished and I feel grounded.  It always hits me hard when I drive back to my house at 8,000 feet.  My dream is to some day live near the beach!  Baby steps….

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.  - Anonymous

Until my next adventure,

P.A. Walker

Ali Wright

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