Time to Let Go of Your Old Story!

How do you say goodbye?  How do you say goodbye to one phase of your life and move into another?  It's hard to let go of the past, but by doing so you say hello to the future. Letting go of your old stories makes room for the new.  Everyone has stories that they hold onto for dear life.  What does holding onto your story get you?  It could be comfort, it could be not having to step into the unknown, and plain and simple it could be fear - raw, deep fear. Moving from our old stories can be a mixture of things, but think about what your life will look like if you do move from your stories.   It's the individual who makes the choice to move ahead that makes the most life changes.  Making these changes gives you the opportunity to step into your most amazing life ever.

Do me a favor sit down and imagine what your best self looks like.  What are you wearing?  What are you doing?  Where are you working?  Take some time and see how this feels in your body.  I bet it feels pretty good.  If you are like me and can't get the thoughts out of your head long enough to make these pictures in there, write it down on paper.  Do some journaling.  Journaling is a great tool for you to get these ideas out of your head and into your heart.

When you have that best self feeling in your body, continue on with the process.  Write down your willingness to do the work to step into your best self.  What would this look like?  Would it be hiring a coach, exercising, going to a therapist, eating healthy, moving away from family drama?  In order to move into your best self, taking that first step is the most important.

Most people believe that it is an all or nothing proposition to step into that best self. However, let me tell you that baby steps are the way to go.  If you make a list of three things to accomplish in one day and you successfully do that, just think about the feeling of accomplishment you will achieve.  For example, your goal is lose five pounds this month.  How about going out and walking for 30 min. three times a week?  If it's more than you are doing now, I bet that it will spur you on to move it up to 35-40 minutes the next week.  Little steps add up like you would not believe.

I have seen a lot of times that when folks don't continue on with their self-improvement it is because they get frustrated.  They will go all out and start a diet. Let's say they decide to eliminate sugar, fats and carbs all in the same week.  What are the chances of success?  It will be pretty much next to nothing.  Start slow, eliminate one thing a day or change up one thing a week and look how far you will be in a month. Most likely a lot better than when you started that month.

Making the decision to make some changes in your life is a brave move.  It will sometimes start as the result of no longer being comfortable in your dysfunction, or getting tired of living the same life.  However, I applaud you if you were drawn to read this blog.  It means that there is some part of you that wants to make a change!  I say go for it!!!

"Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." - Lao Tzu

As Always,

P.A. Walker

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