I'm No Longer the Life of the Party!

I used to be the first one out the door when someone had a party.  However, today I realized that hat didn't fit anymore.  My family left me home alone (woo hoo, did they hear the door slam on the way out?) tonight as they went to a gathering at a friend/old neighbor's house.  I made the conscious choice not to go.  I thought about it all day and then realized that the reason I was getting into a bad mood was because I had too much on my plate today and most days.  It is time to slim down my calendar and take better care of myself. I could have made the choice to go, but this week for some reason, I have been feeling an overwhelming energetic pull on me.  I have been steering away from conversations that pull me down such as politics, world and American events.  People look at me like I have three heads when I choose not to partake in these discussions.  My reason is, if I am not willing to step up and do something big about these topics, it's best to put my energies into something that will move myself forward.

Don't get me wrong.  I love the folks that would have been at this particular party, I just don't love the mood I am in right now.  It's best for me to stay home, continue on the path I am on, and use my time for my creative efforts.  If I were to have said yes to tonight, I would have ended up being in a far worse mood because I didn't stop to rest and do self-care when I knew that my body really needed it.  It's time to say yes, just to myself for today.  You know what?  That's perfectly okay!

I used to be that person that thought you had to say yes to everything.  Believe you me, I was a pro.  If I didn't go, so and so would be upset with me.  If I didn't participate, they may never ask me again.  I finally realized that this was pretty egotistical of me because you know what, they are all right with this.  They don't pay that much attention to whether or not I come to a party or not.  What I mean is, they are not keeping score because I still get invitations.  I also think that on some level, there are probably ten other people who upon hearing that I stayed home, secretly wished they were doing exactly what I was doing.  That's okay.  A Saturday night spent in your jammies reading a book, writing a blog or watching a show is awesome.

It's so, so important these days to do self-care.  If we run ourselves ragged, what good are we to others??  Not very much.  So use this as a hall pass on your next invitation that starts at 5:30 and you realize at 5:20 that you didn't even have the energy yet to get up and take a shower!  That was my hint that it was okay to stay home!

Until My Next Adventure,

P.A. Walker

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