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There's been a lot of sad stuff going on here in Park City this past month.  The deaths of two 8th graders due to suspected drug overdoses have sent the town into a whirlwind.  The energy feels heavy and sad.  I'm doing my best to continue on a high vibration while still offering kind words to those in need.  These issues brought up a thought in my mind this week that has kind of been a continuation of something I have been experiencing the last month or so. I just sold my townhouse and moved into a rental for awhile until the next steps of our lives are figured out.  It's a lot of change, a lot of sadness but for me, mostly hope that life will continue on in a thriving manner.  We get just one life to live and I want to make mine really count.  By doing so, I feel as if I am providing a good role model for my son who is 11. The death of these two young boys has been a learning experience for the school-aged and parents alike.  It's given us lessons of paying attention to our youth more, making sure they don't make some bad judgements and letting our kids know that life can turn on a dime.

One of the themes that has popped up is one of gossip, judgement, rumors, story telling etc.  It started for me when I decided to put my house on the market.  I saw a lot of people avoiding me, asking others about my business and not just coming to me for the answers.  I don't bite people.  If you want to know what is going on, just come to me.  If you are afraid, then it's probably none of your business anyway.  I'm sorry, but my life is probably not as entertaining as you are making it out to be.  I taught my son that if someone is discussing your business behind your back, then they probably are not paying enough attention to the business that is right in front of them.

This brings me back to the stories of this week.  The police have told us that they don't have a reason for the deaths as of this writing, however, the stories are running rampant throughout my town.  It's a small town, I get it.  However, until we know exactly what happened, let's spend that energy helping the survivors and snuggling our own kids more at night.

To get off my soapbox now, my messages for this blog post are, life is short, it's time to rock it!! Rock your next day, your next year, your next decade.  We have but one beautiful life.  I"m going to do my best to make mine count and leave behind a legacy that I could be proud of.

“If there's one thing I learned, it's that nobody is here forever. You have to live for the moment, each and every day . . . the here, the now.” ― Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry

Until My Next Adventure,

Trish Walker

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