It All Comes Down to This.......

Today seems to be a day of introspection.  I am slowing down enough to see that what I thought was my vision might not be my vision at all.  In fact, as I type this, a vision board is in the making next to me. I seemed to have some resistance around even making it this morning.  Hmmm, interesting.

There have been a few deaths around me lately, a friend’s Dad, a young man who was simply mountain biking on vacation, certainly lots in the news, etc.  It makes me stop and go, hmmmmm.  It all comes down to that – death.  If I knew I only had a few years left, how would I want to spend those?  This is where the vision questing comes in.  Am I on the right path?  Should I even look at life like that?  Do I need to be in the present more?

My life has drastically changed in the last year.  It’s even changed a lot in less than a year.  Big, big shifts.  Good, bad and in between.  Let me take the bad out of there because I no longer am using words like negative and bad as there is always something to learn from things. 

I was in a workshop the other day where the moderator had us do gratitudes for things that may not have been in our life plans: divorce, deaths, job loss – you get the picture.  There were a few eye rolls (not from me, as I could see where she was going with this), a few groans and a few looks like deer in the headlights.  What?  How can we have gratitude for loss?

Once everyone started to do the exercise, I could see the shift in the room.  Oh yeah, there are things to be grateful from that divorce.  I now know where my next path in life will come.  I am grateful for my child that came from said marriage.  I am grateful for the opportunity I had to live in various places across the globe because of my husband’s job.  I could go on but think you get the picture.  What a cool way to look at things, right?

As you can see, today is one of those days of deep thought, clearing my energy out and thinking about what I really want out of this one life I have.  It’s comforting to know that I can start each day fresh and go from there.  I can live in the present and start each day in thought about what my next right steps might be.

Until My Next Adventure,

Trish Walker