Signs from the Universe

As I sat down this morning to write this blog post, it occurred to me that I had no clue what I was going to write about today. I just knew it would flow through me. This is a first of sorts. I liken it to just putting it out there. I am trusting the universe to take over the reins and give me a voice. Today has been unique. I have had an outpouring of phone calls and messages from people that I haven’t heard from in a long time. These are folks that I have chosen to take a step back from. They didn’t fit into what I have been moving forward into. They are not bad people, just not on the same path as I.  I was questioning why all of sudden did they all reach out on the same day?


As the voice mails and emails appeared , I thought to myself that I should sit and figure out what was going on. What is the pop quiz that the universe was putting to me this first day of the week? I finally got it. I realized after seeing several posts pop up on facebook and sitting on what was happening, it is about going within. Why were these messages so bothersome to me? Why was it irritating to me that someone close to me was once again self-sabotaging himself? I pulled out the proverbial “mirror” and said, why was I irked? It hit me. I am irked because I made the conscious decision to be irked. I was spending my precious energy trying to figure out the behaviors of others. Do you know what this did for me? It gave me the luxury of time spent away from my dreams and visions. If I spent it on others, then I wouldn’t have to go out into that uncomfortable world of the unknown.

When I realized all of this, I kind of got a little excited. I realized that I had a choice here. I could continue going down that path, or I could forge ever forward to do something that felt uncomfortable to me. I could move one step ahead today to get myself closer to my dreams. I could do a huge thing today to get even closer. Bottom line was that it was all in my power.  There are times where, of course, the behavior of others will still affect me. It’s only natural, but what I can do is be there for them with compassion. I can ask them, what would playing a bigger game look like to you?

I ask you the reader, if you have had a situation that you keep re-visiting to get away from the bigger picture. If you do, what will things be like in one year, five years, ten years if you don’t take action now?

"We are our choices." - Jean-Paul Sartre

Until my next adventure,

P.A. Walker

It's As If Someone Turned the Light On.

Today I woke up to the news that yet another earthquake had hit Nepal.  This time the 7.3 earthquake was 42 miles from Namche Bazaar, close to Mt. Everest.  I realized with a start that this is the area that my niece's friend Katie had been trekking in.  I had a Facebook message from Katie not two days ago that she was fine and was staying there until she left to go to Khatmandu in two weeks.   My heart sank when I realized that today she might not be so safe.  I immediately took to social media to see if I could find an answer.  It came via text message an hour or so later, that Katie was indeed safe for now. My first in all of this is that I realized truly for the first time, how quickly a life can be taken.  In the blink of an eye an earthquake could hit and take dozens of lives.  With this mindset, I proceeded to go about my day just a little differently.  I had a new purpose.  I realized that today could be my last day on earth.  If so, did I want to spend it doing meaningless things?  Did I want to spend it watching reality television (not that I make a habit of that).  No, I answered, I want to make every minute count.

Sitting at my desk this morning, I realized that I had an overwhelming urge to help out someone.  I didn't know what form this would take, but quickly realized that it would be one step in the right direction to send a donation to a Go Fund Me Page that I have been reading about on Facebook.  My amazing Reiki teacher Carol Wilson is on the ground working tirelessly in Nepal. Carol landed in Khatmandu just five minutes before the first big earthquake hit.  She could have made the choice to turn around and go home, but instead she is staying to help out with relief efforts.  Below I have attached a link to her Go Fund Me Page.  It has a beautiful video that her kids put together for her for Mother's Day.  What kind, selfless kids she has.  They definitely learned that from their mom.


Carol's page is

I know it sounds trite to say life has changed for me in this instance, but I keep getting this feeling that in some ways it has.  I have made a deep decision to make some changes and will act on them now.  It's selfish of me to not use this one beautiful life I have been given to give my gifts to the world.  What that looks like might not be so clear right now, but it is time to start moving in that direction and not be afraid to put those gifts out there.  How many people has Carol directly affected by using her gifts to the world?  It may be ten or thousands, but if she didn't have the courage to use her gifts right now in Nepal, the world would be a different place for those affected by this earthquake.

I urge you, the reader, to take some time today and see what changes you might need to instill in your life.  Maybe you are in complete alignment with your purpose.  If so, I applaud you and commend you that you are there.  However, if you are not in alignment, I know the feeling.  I also will think of you as I am making my own strides.  It's hard to put that first foot on the steps, but just imagine what we can do if we keep moving forward!!

God bless all the people affected by these terrible earthquakes.  Let's pray together that they all find peace sooner rather than later!

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase." - M.L. King Jr.

Until my next adventure in life,

P.A. Walker