Byron Katie

Minding My Own Business

“You would be very surprise with how much positive changes that you could make in your life, if could make it your top priority to mind your own business.” ― Edmond Mbiaka

I heard a simple but powerful saying the other day!  "Stay in your own lane.".  Think about this and the statement it makes.  What this means is, mind your own business. The author Byron Katie has a saying, "There's three types of business; yours, mine and God's.  If you are in my business, who is in your business?  Etc."  Very profound.  Very simple, but very profound.

I'm a helper by nature.  I like to help people, give them advice and wish only the best for them.  This can sometimes be to my detriment.  I end up spending too much time helping people and this has taken away from my own business.  This year I decided that I can make the choice to stay in my own lane and work on my own "stuff".  Easier said than done.  Any time the phone can ring and someone can lay a drama at my feet. There I go again.  It's just been this past week that I have made the decision to not get caught up on other's dramas.  If they have drama, darn it, fix it yourself.  Or better yet, don't create drama where it's truly not needed.  If you need to remedy a situation in your life, don't take off and try and help others before you fix what needs to be fixed in your own lane.  Love this.

How's this working for me so far?  It's been tiring, freeing, exhausting but slowly getting to the point where I'm staying in my own lane.  I'm getting more work done, figuring life out and in general, being in a happier place because I know I am moving myself towards my best self.

It can be hard to stay in your own lane.  I know, I've been there before.  However, until someone pointed out to me that it's healthier to go inwards, I didn't always make that choice.  I grew up in drama and trauma.  My relatives thrive on that stuff.  However, I am setting boundaries and moving past this old story.  It can be done, believe me.

I wish you luck on creating your own boundaries and staying in your own lane.  It's a very powerful move.

Until my next adventure,

P.A. Walker

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