“Everything is Energy…

When we understand our relation to it, we create a space of possibility for miracles.”

Coaching with Trish Walker in Utah

A holistic therapy, Energy Mastery is mind-body medicine that stimulates your own natural healing process. It's a high vibrational life force energy, Divine in origin, that harmonizes you with the Universal Life Force. Energy Mastery is pure unconditional love, joy and harmony. 

A Practitioner since 2016 and a Reiki Master since 2010, Trish fuses multiple systems, including her intuitive abilities to maximize your healing experience.

Through the use of Energy Mastery you are able to cleanse and more importantly resolve the pollutants in your “field” and your chakras so the energy moves more freely.  When the chakras are clearer and the systems in your body more resolved then your body will feel more youthful, healthy and vibrant on all levels.

The more you experience your own energy as clear, the more you are able to experience the power and force of energy in and around you.