M E E T   T R I S H

Meet Trish Walker in Park City

My journey began several years ago when I knew there was something more out there for me.  I had left my corporate career in the medical device/pharmaceutical industry to stay at home and raise my son.  After several years, I realized that we would both be happiest if I found what my soul was calling me to do.

My path led me to my certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I have also acquired my Life Cycle Celebrant title through the Celebrant Foundation.  Along with my Master Reiki title and my previous background in health care and business, Iā€™m utilizing my skills to work with clients who may have lost themselves in their careers, raising a family or any other life transitions that may have occurred (ie, divorce, job loss, etc.)

Fast forward to today where I have acquired several modalities and am using them to help my clients find what is calling their souls.  With my certifications in Reiki, Energy Mastery and Holistic Health Coaching, I am able to intuitively work with clients to help you find the answers within yourself to step into the best version of You and come out with version You 2.0.