High Roller

A Journey Completed!

So here it is, the last post for my 50 for a Year mission.  I'm so blessed and amazed that I was able to accomplish all that I was able to accomplish.  I haven't posted in a while because I just didn't know how to come up with the right words to express my past year.  When the time came to do my last "50", it all worked out so organically and flowed so nicely that I couldn't even fathom it. Let me explain. When I thought about what to do for my last 50.4.50, I somehow imagined something big (perhaps a trip or night out) with some of my closest lady friends.  However, timing and school breaks had other plans for me.  That weekend found me heading to Las Vegas and on to Southern California for my son's fall break from school.  After a bit of pondering, I realized that since he had been on my first adventure, it was only fitting that he go on my last adventure! #50.

Last year I had been too afraid to go on the world's largest ferris wheel in Las Vegas, NV.  This year, I decided, what the heck?  What a great way to end this grand adventure of mine.  If you have never been to this Ferris Wheel, it's a pretty big deal.  The top of the Ferris Wheel is 550 feet up in the air, making it the largest ferris wheel in the world.  The views are amazing from start to finish.  Once you board your "pod", you continue moving for the full rotation of the ferris wheel.  It moves so slow that there is plenty of time to ooh and ahh over the Las Vegas Strip, the sunset, the mountains and the desert beyond.  We were able to see the sunset and even the dark skies of night.  All in all, it takes about 30 minutes for your ride to be complete.

It was very fitting that this last event for me on my 50 list was stopping at 550 feet up in the air. My chill glass of champagne was very celebratory to mark this auspicious occasion.  This year has been a year of fun, new things marked off my bucket list and many aha moments that have propelled me into a new way of life.



How does it feel to have completed what I set out to do?  I can't even begin to describe how this all feels.  This is huge for me.  I am the queen of start something and then not finish it before I start something new.   It felt very empowering and made me excited to usher in a new decade.  The feeling I had while I was 550 feet up in the air was one of complete jubilation.  I did it!  I really did it!

I thank you, the reader, for coming along on this epic adventure with me.  I'm not done with my adventures just yet.  This 50 list has inspired me to continue on with new ideas, trips, and better ways to operate my life.  Stay tuned for more.

“Because everyone has a natural yearning for completion, we are able to change and recreate ourselves endlessly.” ― Ilchi Lee, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart

Until My Next Adventure,

P.A. Walker